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Workplace GPS helps employers and sponsors of absence and disability plans to ensure that their vendors are providing the most effective programs and that their own internal programs are being administered with best practices and producing a return on investment. All solutions' reports findings and recommendations reflect the realities of each employer's unique culture and needs.

Food for thought:

  • Did you know that the total cost of absence is 8.7% of payroll 1

  • Did you know that:

    • The average short term disability absence lasts 62.7 days
    • The average number of Family Medical Leave absences is 13.8 per 100 eligible employees
    • The average number of intermittent Family Medical Leave absences is 3.8 per 100 eligible employees 2

  • Short term absences are the window of opportunity for:
    • Reducing the cost of absence & disability
    • Increasing the utilization of health management programs

  • Absence & disability management best practices for employers should include:
    • Incidental absence
    • Sick days
    • STD and salary continuance
    • LTD
    • FMLA
    • Intake
    • Accountability
    • Data & metrics
    • Communications & training
1 Kronos/Mercer Survey Report on the Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences, 2010
2Integrated Benefits Institute Health and Productivity Benchmarking data base, 2015 data, all employers.


Employer program analysis provides a detailed objective expert view of employer sponsored absence & disability management programs such as:

  • Leaves of absence including FMLA
  • Sick leave
  • Salary continuation
  • Paid time off banks
  • Extended illness banks
  • Accident & sickness plans
Benchmarking analysis compares an employer's experience to the peer industry for FMLA, STD, LTD, Workers Compensation, sick leave, etc.

Vendor selection process helps employers and plan sponsors choose an absence/disability carrier, third party administrator or leave of absence software vendor that will specifically meet their needs. Services include:

  • Initial vendor interviews
  • Develop customized request for proposal (RFP)
  • Initial selection of vendors
  • Vendor finalist screening
  • Ongoing communications with vendors
  • Conduct finalist presentations
  • Consult on successful vendor
Absence & disability audit provides an objective detailed expert evaluation of services provided by a carrier or third party administrator with emphasis on:
  • Best practices
  • Account management
  • Leave of absence administration
  • Adjudication
  • Return-to-work
  • Data & benchmarking
Strategic absence/disability program design brings in an array of internal stakeholders and in some cases, vendors. It is a design process that results in a customized absence/disability management program that has buy in from multiple sectors inside and outside of the organization.

Benefits of Consulting Solutions for Employers

  • Return on investment
  • Compliance with FMLA, ADA, & other leave laws
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced costs


Consulting Solutions for:

    Brokerages and Consulting Firms

    Carriers/Third Party Administrators


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