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Workplace GPS assists benefit advisors to round out their own suite of services to their clients with expert advice on absence, disability, and leave of absence administration. Brokers and consultants will enhance their abilities to advise clients on compliance, best practices, industry trends, vendors and how to improve productivity.

Food for thought:

  • Many brokerages and consulting firms have no expert resources for advising employer clients and prospects on the Family Medical Leave Act, other leaves of absence, the Americans with Disabilities Act or group disability plans.
  • Workplace productivity is not just a function of the health of employees. It is also a function of absence because replacement employees are:
    • 21% - 29% less efficient
    • 15% - 44% more expensive 1
  • Many brokerages and consulting firms need to be able to advise clients on the relationship between absence, disability, health management and productivity.

Outsource your absence management consulting to Workplace GPS. We can help you provide the services on this page and those on "Consulting Solutions for Employers" to your clients and prospects as part of your team on an as needed basis.

Vendor selection/marketing services assist and support you when you are marketing absence & disability plans, including Family Medical Leave, ADA/ADAAA and other leaves for your clients by providing:

  • Advice on vendors
  • Advice on programs
  • Assistance in designing a comprehensive RFP template
  • Vendor interview questions
  • Conduct of, or support for, finalist presentations
  • Facilitation of vendor selection decision process
The data analytics and benchmarking review evaluates the quality & usefulness of data reporting provided by absence/disability carriers & TPAs in the areas of:
  • Leave of absence administration including the Family Medical Leave Act
  • STD
  • LTD
  • Dashboards
  • Cost Benefit
  • Return to work metrics
Service audits evaluate the quality and timeliness of the absence & disability services your clients are receiving or the outsource vendors they are contemplating using. Service audits also evaluate how your self-insured clients are administering their own programs by addressing:
  • Leave of absence administration including the federal Family Medical Leave Act, company leaves, state mandated leaves, ADA/ADAAA
  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • Use of data & benchmarking
  • Return-to-Work
  • Integrated absence management
Advisor audits evaluate the effectiveness of your services and advice to your clients including:
  • Vendor selection marketing processes for:
    • Leave of absence administration including the federal Family Medical Leave Act
    • Leave of absence tracking software
    • Short term disability
    • Long term disability
  • Advice on non-insured absence and disability plans, i.e. :
    • Leave of absence
    • Sick leave
    • Salary continuation
    • Paid time off banks
    • Extended illness banks
    • Accident & sickness plans
    • Self-insured, self administered short and long term disability plans
Consultant training provides key producers, account executives and others with the skills needed to consult with clients and prospects on a range absence & disability related topics. These seminars are customized to your own needs and book of business. Examples include:
  • Large case training develops skills needed to advise large clients, e.g., over 1,000 lives
  • FML opportunities training develops skills needed to advise clients on the federal Family Medical Leave Act, as well as other leaves of absence.
  • ADA/ADAAA training provides an introduction on how to consult on these acts.
  • Non-insured absence & disability plan training enhances the skills needed to advise clients on programs that they administer themselves e.g., sick leave, salary continuation, etc.

Feasibility studies provide advice to employers on how to configure absence and disability services:

  • Self-funding
  • Outsourcing of services currently managed internally
  • Self-administering services currently outsourced
  • Establishment of on-site services
Renewal report peer review provides feedback on STD, LTD, and leave of absence administration renewal reports. Feedback is provided on:
  • Clarity
  • Quality of analysis
  • Usefulness of recommendations
  • Data related issues:
    • Relevance
    • Presentation
    • Benchmarking

Benefits of Consulting Solutions for Brokers & Consultants

If your firm does not employ absence/disability/leave specialists, you are competing with firms that do. We can help you enhance your client offerings and gain more traction with prospects.

1 Kronos/Mercer Survey Report on the Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences, 2010


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